Andys’ Book, ‘THE JOB I NEED, NEEDS ME’ will help you find
professional fulfillment and personal fulfillment.

Read “The Job I Need Needs Me” now on Amazon, Nook and Kindle. Andy Thomas helps provide you the missing link in getting hired quickly.  Andy’s mission is to instill you with the hopes, skills and inspiration needed to find personal and find professional fulfillment.

Job dissatisfaction is at an all-time high  despite the fact that unemployment numbers are quite low. Many Americans want to orchestrate career change but are scared of making those shifts. Andy’s personal and professional life experiences have helped him develop a strong strategy and conviction regarding vocational redirection. This book takes the vital step of teaching you to see yourself as a viable employable product.  Andy brings his own 17 station radio career and three year recent digital sales role into play in this book formula for success.  “The Job I Need Needs Me” is today’s blueprint on how to quickly secure job interviews in the field you have a passion for.

  • "Some coaches are effective because they have been there and SEEN that. Andy is effective because he has been there and DONE that. From direct experience in his own career, and counseling many others, Andy provides straight talk and powerful tools to help you spend more time reaching your goals than talking about reaching your goals."

    Chris Cooper
    Chris CooperChief Marketing Officer Arterial Health International, LLC
  • “Just what I needed…very motivating”

  • “Andy gives you a dose of medicine that might taste awful but it works. Good job!”

  • “Thank you. Andy gave me the confidence to go into my next job interview and demonstrate I am, in fact, the best one for the job.”

  • “Andy Thomas’ experience, insight, viewpoint and practical tips make the difference.”

  • “Great advice on the interview process. Who knew a confident smile could mean so much to a prospective employer."

    Lisa G.
    Lisa G.
  • “Thank you. You gave me the confidence to go into my next job interview and demonstrate I am, in fact, the best one for the job.“

    Randy T.
    Randy T.
  • “Your seminar empowered me to go out and get the job I want.“

    William S.
    William S.
  • “I left inspired. I have the confidence to go out and get the job I want, not just any job."

    Leslie W.
    Leslie W.
  • “Andy inspired me. In spite of my age, I am worthy of having everything that I dreamed of. I do have a vision, and thanks to Andy I’m going to walk in it."

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