Andy’s Book, THE JOB I NEED, NEEDS ME will help you find
professional and personal fulfillment.

Read The Job I Need, Needs Me now on Amazon, Nook and Kindle. Andy Thomas provides you with the missing link in getting hired quickly. His mission, in The Job I Need, Needs Me, is to instill you with the hopes, skills and inspiration needed to find personal and professional fulfillment.
Job dissatisfaction is at an all-time high despite the fact that unemployment numbers are low. Many Americans want to orchestrate a career change, but are nervous of making those shifts. Andy’s personal and professional life experiences have helped him develop a strong strategy and conviction regarding vocational redirection. This book takes vital steps to teach you to see yourself as a viable employer product. Andy Thomas brings his own 17 station radio career and three year digital sales role into play in this book’s formula for success. The Job I Need, Needs Me is today’s blueprint on how to quickly secure job interviews in the field you have a passion for.
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