Andy Thomas career and life coach, author, and touring speaker. During 2009 and 2010, as the economy was suffering and unemployment lines were long, Andy Thomas launched 17 seminars in seven Southeast cities to help the unemployed. These seminars helped thousands regain confidence and solid interviews using his proven techniques.
At 19 years old, Andy began a career in broadcasting that spanned 30 years including 17 radio stations. Later as a syndicated radio talk show host, he reached the hearts and minds of hundreds of thousands of Americans. Working as an on-air personality, program director, and sales manager prepared Andy to found this South Carolina based radio syndication company.
Following his passion for helping people, Andy made a bold career change and stepped out from behind the microphone to become a sales manager for Good People Staffing, a subsidiary of Goodwill Industries in Lower South Carolina. There he expanded his role in the company to employment recruiter and career counselor, equipping thousands of eager job seekers with the hope, confidence, and skills necessary to not only find a job, but a career, in one of the most challenging job markets in the country. His seminars began in that very worthy setting and gave him the push to take his methodology on the road. Eventually, Andy left Goodwill and formed his first major motivational career seminar company which took him to Atlanta, GA to provide seminars for CBS TV.
After a two year long tour, Andy Thomas, career and life coach, began writing his book, The Job I Need, Needs Me, with co-author Denise K. James. Along with Andy’s unique training process, he combined his formula for career success with his stories from his career counseling and Southeast seminar road trip. His book covers everything you need to land the job that is actually right for you. His words provide incredible inspiration, hope, and teaches you how to reinvent and market yourself in any economy. This is a must have guide for anyone looking to change their career path.
Once again, proving his process, Andy Thomas launched another career change and spent the next three years working, in the new and exciting digital marketing field, with CBS Radio and NBC TV, in Charlotte, NC. Andy was inspired to establish Andy Thomas Careers Now due to the influx of coaching clients and the desire to conduct seminars again. This newly designed company provides active career counseling as well as national seminar engagements. Andy’s mission is always to serve as a resource of hope, inspiration, and motivation. Additionally, he provides clients with the essential tools to use their individual interests, talents, and passions to find professional and personal fulfillment. A few of the corporate clients who have hired Andy Thomas for motivational speaking include Gardner Webb University, Armstrong State University, Virginia Tech, Grant Thornton, and Ingersoll Rand.