Meet Andy

Meet Andy

Owner of Andy Thomas Careers Now

Andy Thomas is a renowned career coach, life coach, author and motivational speaker.
Andy has had a lifelong career filled with helping people and being a voice for his communities. At 19 years old, Andy began a career in broadcasting that spanned 30 years and 18 radio stations. During this time, he became a syndicated radio talk show host. Working as an on-air personality, program director and sales manager prepared Andy for his South Carolina based radio syndication journey, reaching the hearts and minds of hundreds of thousands of Americans.
In 2009, as the economy was suffering and unemployment lines were long, Andy launched a career strategy workshop and motivational seminar tour in seven Southeast cities. This tour helped thousands regain the confidence they needed to land solid interviews using his proven techniques.
Career Coach
Making a bold career change, Andy stepped out from behind the microphone to support Good People Staffing as their Sales Manager. While there he expanded his role in the company to focus on recruitment and career counseling. He has equipped thousands of eager job seekers with hope, confidence, and the skills necessary to not only find a job, but the career they’ve dreamt of – even during the most challenging times in the job market. In time, Andy formed his first major motivational career seminar company in Charleston, South Carolina providing seminars for CBS TV Affiliates in four states.
What sets Andy apart from other career coaches is his proven track record of success mixed with his genuine passion to assist you in achieving your dreams.

The Making of Andy Thomas Careers Now

After a two-year long seminar tour, Andy set his sights on reaching and helping even more people. He began writing his book “The Job I Need, Needs Me” with co-author Denise K. James. The book combines his formula for career success along with his favorite stories from career coaching. Still selling on Amazon and Kindle, his book is the starting blueprint to help you land the job that is actually right for you.

Andy spent the next few years working in the new and exciting field of digital marketing in Charlotte, NC. He learned to reach even more people with the help of the digital platform. Inspired by the digital buzz and his past experiences, he started Andy Thomas Careers Now. This newly designed company provides career coaching, resume services, interview preparation as well as seminar engagements. He provides clients with the essential tools to use their individual interests, talents and passions to find professional and personal fulfillment.
Andy’s mission is now and has always been to serve as a resource of hope, inspiration and motivation.