Career Coaching in Georgia

Andy Thomas Careers Now has assisted many Georgia residents in landing the job of their dreams. We help you stand out amongst competition by giving you access to our expert career coaching, resume writing and interview preparation. The success we see when working with clients is due to our genuine passion to motivate them. Our one-of-a-kind methodology is what gets you on your dream career path and results in interviews. Our impressive track record of helping clients land their desired position in the great Georgia companies is due to our long lasting commitment we display towards you!

career coach working with a client in georgiaProfessional career coaching can help people in the following situations:

  • You want to find a better company that won’t leave you feeling unfulfilled. 
  • Your success rate with applying to job listings is currently low. 
  • You want to find what career path is right for you. 
  • You need help figuring out how to pursue a new industry. 
  • You feel undervalued and underutilized at your current role. 
  • You don’t know what your next steps should be to attain that promotion or raise. 
  • You need to see a change in your pay, stability or flexibility.

Whatever your reason may be for wanting to improve your career, we are here to help.

Some of the top industries in Georgia include Mining,  Agriculture, Tourism, and Energy. Our career coaching at Andy Thomas Careers Now gets you ready for any of these industries.

Rather you are in Atlanta, Savannah, Augusta, or any other city or town in Georgia, we know our Career Coaching services provide skills that will be valuable for any job throughout your life.

Brand Yourself For Your Career

Were you aware that 85% of positions are filled by networking? Whether you need assistance with leveraging your existing contact, feel like you have drained your current network, want to expand your search or just establish a network in a Georgia market – we can help.

The phrase “you need to look the part to get the job” has probably come up amidst your job search. With today’s importance of social media and the instant access to photos, opinions, likes and dislikes this phrase is so important to remember. Your personal branding is essential in ensuring that you look the part by calling attention to your talents, skill sets and value in the marketplace. The world needs to know you are ready and willing to take on this next opportunity of your dreams.

Andy Thomas Careers Now can help by:

  • Finding and structuring your personal brand and professional persona
  • Giving you access to Resume Rewrites, Cover Letter Assistance and LinkedIn Redesign
  • Crafting both a plan and strategy on how you will meet your career objectives
  • Getting you in front of Hiring Executives using our one-of-a-kind methodology
  • Exploring volunteering, board and other supplemental opportunities

Hiring The Best Career Coach in Georgia

In addition to our expert career coaching, resume writing and interview preparation, Andy Thomas Careers Now also has experience with many industries and business across Georgia. Our ability to maintain these relationships and always having our finger on the pulse of the current Georgia job market is how we help you find the perfect role. Getting you in front of the right people is how we can tap into the hidden job market and give you the chance to be ahead of the competition.
We will get you the results that Human Resources, Recruiters and Headhunters are taking too long to provide you with! Our one-of-a-king methodology bypasses the ATS Software and all of the other additional red tape. With these barriers down we will help you see a great increase in market visibility and interview traction!

We are proud of the many people we have helped across the state of Georgia, including in:

· Atlanta
· Roswell
· Alpharetta
· Decatur
· Johns Creek
· Savannah

· Athens
· Suwanee
· Augusta
· Marietta
· Sandy Springs
· And more

Andy Thomas Careers Now has spent over seven years helping clients follow their dreams, turn their passions into careers and land the jobs they have always wanted. Count on the support and experience of Andy Thomas Careers Now.

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Career Coach in Alabama
Career Coaches use a solution-oriented approach to assist and inform any person who is in need of career advice. In other words, they help people define, redefine, and achieve their professional objectives and other work-related goals.

As it turns out, a career coach is worth it, and can be a positive impact to help you navigate through any stage of your career—not only after you’ve submitted hundreds of applications to no avail.

A career coach will help you master those you need for your job search, such as networking, interviewing, presenting and negotiating. Career coaches also help professionals leverage their experience and talents to find new ways to apply these skills.