In a job interview, the question “Do you have any questions for me?” can be a make-or-break moment. Asking the right questions can show that you’re prepared and interested in the role. On the other hand, asking irrelevant or poorly thought-out questions can damage your chances of getting the job. So, what should you do when this question comes up in an interview? Here are some interview prep tips to help you make the most of this opportunity.

Why Do Interviewers Ask This Question?

Interviewers ask the question, “Do you have any questions for me?” in order to gain a better understanding of the applicant’s knowledge and interest in the job. Employers appreciate it when an applicant takes the initiative to inquire further about the role or organization as this demonstrates their enthusiasm and commitment to pursue the position. Asking questions also gives applicants a chance to demonstrate their analytical skills and creativity, which may not be evident in their resumes or responses during the interview. As such, inquiring during an interview can endear an applicant to employers and is seen as an indicator of successful long-term employment fit. Practicing interviews can help with reacting with great and relevant questions.

Have Your Answers Ready

Asking thoughtful questions in an interview is a great way to present your knowledge and interest in the role, but preparing your answers ahead of time will help ensure you stay on topic and maximize the potential for a successful hiring process. While it’s usually best to respond naturally when asked “Do you have any questions for me?”, having a few key points prepared can help set yourself apart from other candidates and show the hiring manager that you are both interested and invested in the possibilities the position presents. Doing your interview prep and research on the company and position beforehand will give you insight into what sort of response would be most appropriate, allowing you to feel comfortable in asking pertinent questions that indicate that you’ve taken the time to really consider what it would mean to see yourself in this role.

female job seeker successfully answers interview questions

Question Examples

  1. “I do have a question. What are the biggest challenges you’re facing in this role?” This is a great question because it shows initiative and interest in the position, as well as a desire to ensure that you are the right fit for the job.
  2. “I’m curious about how this position fits into your overall goals for the company.” This is a good question because it allows you to get more information about the organization and understand its priorities better.
  3. “What do you see as the biggest advantages of candidates with my background?” This is another great way to find out what qualities they value most in a candidate and why they should hire you.
  4. “What sort of mentorship can I expect to receive in this role?” This is a good question to ask when trying to gauge the level of commitment from your employer in helping you reach your goals.
  5. “What do you think are the most important traits a successful candidate must possess for this position?” Asking this question demonstrates that you are taking responsibility for your own performance, which is important for any job seeker looking for success.
  6. “How do you envision this role in one year’s time, and how do you see me contributing to that progress?” This question indicates that you are eager to succeed and are invested in identifying opportunities for growth and development.


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Questions to Avoid in Interviews 

(Especially First Interviews!)

When asked “Do you have any questions for me?, these questions may put you in a precarious situation:

  1. What is [item already covered in job description]?
  2. How much does this position pay?
  3. How soon can I expect a promotion?
  4. What are the benefits I will receive?
  5. Will I be supervised?

At the end of the day, answering the question “Do you have any questions for me?” in a job interview requires careful consideration. Not only should you have done your interview prep and research about the company and role beforehand, but also take into account your interviewer’s time and availability. To close it off on a good note, provide a concise answer such as “I’m thankful for this opportunity and do not have any further questions at this time.” Doing so offers a professional impression and shows respect to the interviewer.

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