Career Counseling for the Graduate

Are you a college graduate who feels lost and overwhelmed when it comes to establishing your career? Do you have a degree but no idea how to use it (aka what jobs you should be applying to)? Our career coaches Andy Thomas and Kelly Hoffman can help! While college can be a necessary step to achieving your personal and professional goals; they don’t always present you with the various career options available for your degree. Additionally, the surface level support provided on what it takes to get job interviews and offers is often not enough to be successful post-graduation. In order to get job interviews and offers you are going to need a comprehensive strategy to compete in the market with more experienced individuals (because let’s be honest, everyone has a resume in hand). Most college graduates struggle because they don’t know how to network effectively and they don’t know how to sell and market their skills. With our proprietary marketing methodology, we show you to position yourself so that you get noticed by hiring executives! Graduates greatly benefit from our career counseling services because we show you how to successfully utilize your degree in a role that sets you up for a fulfilling long term career trajectory.
students walking on a sidewalk after receiving college student career counseling

Career Coaching for the Student

Are you a college student with multiple interests that isn’t sure what career path will incorporate them all? Are you a student who wants to save time and money by having a clear path for your studies? At Andy Thomas Careers Now we understand the stress that comes with uncertainty about your future. Changing majors is costly, it robs you of your valuable time and slows your progression. As a student you likely have various interests that don’t coincide with just one avenue; but we help you find that balance at the intersection of your passions and reality. Our career coaches, Andy Thomas and Kelly Hoffman, will help you evaluate different avenues taking a holistic approach to answer the age-old question “what do I want to be when I grow up?” College is an exploratory phase in itself but students that use our coaching services greatly benefit from the clarity and confidence that our programs provide.

an Andy Thomas careers now career coach having an executive coaching session

To the Parent

Do you have a young adult in college who needs help finding and directing their passion? Or maybe you’re the proud parent of a high potential college graduate who cannot figure out why they are not receiving any attention in the job market?

With Career Counseling Services at Andy Thomas Careers Now, you can relax knowing that your child can get the guidance and support they need to be successful. Navigating higher education majors and career paths post-graduation can be overwhelming. Utilizing a career coach who will be in your students’ corner every step of the way makes that process easier! Our career coaches Andy Thomas and Kelly Hoffman can help your young professional secure an internship or fellowship, figure out a more definite career path or learn how to market themselves to land a job that will launch their career! We will focus on aligning their true potential with their natural inclinations to curate a sound career path. We also help them to successfully navigate the job market.

One of the areas that colleges don’t dwell very well in is the actual teaching of a technique or process to get hired. It’s impossible for two or three career service professionals to successfully handle thousands of students. Self-advocacy and confidence are heavily taught during both the discovery phase and throughout the teachings of our unique methodology that Andy Thomas created himself. Our coaches can help your child secure multiple internships, fellowships, and/or job offers.

What do career counseling services provide college students?

Meet Our Career Coaches

  • One of a kind methodology that gets you interviews
  • Weekly/ BI weekly Check-ins
  • Full understanding of career opportunities
  • Prevents years of going in the wrong career direction
  • Saves time and money by having a proper plan of action (not changing majors)
  • Identifying current obstacles and options
  • Internships, fellowships and job offers
  • The next steps and objectives to set you up for a long term career trajectory
  • Clarity on career direction
  • Knowledge on how to express your value
  • Constant strategy and guidance to achieve your goals
  • Increases your overall chance of success
  • Helps you learn who you are and what’s best for you
  • How you’re perceived by others
  • Pinpointing blind spots
  • Confidence Building
  • Proper networking and communication strategies
  • Interview Prep as New Opportunities develop

This gift of coaching to yourself or your child will be one of the most powerful tools you possess and arm yourself with. It can mean the difference between a long fulfilling career or just a job.

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