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Career Coaching & 1:1 Training

  • Learn Andy’s Priceless Methodology to Get Interviews
  • Personalized one-on-one career coaching.
  • Career Passions and Goals Analysis
  • Resume and Cover Letter Optimization
  • Confidence Building Exercises
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Interview Preparation and Role-Play
  • Appearance and Attire Feedback

Our career coaches, led by Andy Thomas, focus on honing your interview and job search skills to empower you through any career transition. Utilizing a motivational and goal-oriented approach, we’re committed to helping you reach and exceed your career aspirations.

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Career Coaching

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Andy Thomas’ career coaching and career change consulting sessions help you understand your true career passions, ideal career path, and how to overcome obstacles that may be preventing you from landing that dream job. Career coaching sessions will provide you with a proven blueprint and action plan concerning how you can obtain the career that was meant for you. Andy and his coaches help you recognize that you are a sought-after product that can land quality interviews which will ultimately lead you on the road to getting hired at your ideal company and/or position.