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Are you ready to reinvent your future? What’s stopping you from taking that leap of faith? Andy Thomas’ career coaching and life coaching sessions help you understand your true career passions. Career and life coaching sessions will provide you with a concrete blueprint on how you can obtain the career that was meant for you. Our team helps you recognize that you are a product that can land quality interviews which will ultimately lead you on the road to getting hired.

What does a session with one of our highly trained career coaches entail?

  • Direct one-on-one career coaching sessions from one of our highly trained career coaches; Andy Thomas or Tara Crosby.
  • Extraordinary analysis of your career passions and desires.
  • Confidence building.
  • Resume and cover letter reviews and redesign.
  • Instruction on LinkedIn and other social media avenues.
  • Interview prep and interview role play.
  • Appearance and attire critique.
Our career coaches, Andy Thomas and Tara Crosby, work to develop your interview and job search skills that help you conquer any career change fear. Andy Thomas and his team of top-notch career coaches utilize a motivational approach to help you achieve your goals.
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