This Thanksgiving I’m thankful for my new career, what about you?

The leaves are officially turning and the crisp weather has hit most of us. The fall season is spectacular for many reasons, the biggest being Thanksgiving. In most Thanksgiving traditions, family members go around the table and say their biggest thing that they are thankful for that year. What are you thankful for? Our career […]

Companies Are Hiring – Are You In On It?

It’s been almost 10 months since the COVID-19 pandemic entered into our lives full force. Layoffs were inevitable and CEO’s were fairly uncertain of the financial future of the corporations they ran.  The good news is, hiring is back on the up and up. Our experts have kept their ears to the ground to follow […]

Outplacement Services, Does Our Company Need It?

As a corporate leader, has your company been faced with a high number of layoffs? You are not alone. Andy Thomas’ outplacement services will help prepare you for the toughest part of your job – layoffs. Our team understands that outplacement services need to provide an effective and smooth transition for your former employees. We […]