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Executive Coaching Services

Are you trying to achieve that next level in your career? Are you scratching your head trying to figure out why you’ve been overlooked for an internal promotion? Or maybe you’re having trouble managing your direct reports? Executive coaching services at Andy Thomas Careers Now can provide you with the solutions and clarity you’ve been looking for! Let’s unlock the potential within and help you achieve personal, professional and organizational goals. Meeting developmental objectives and advancing soft skills are key ingredients in transforming our clients into confident and capable leaders that can dramatically influence overall performance. Executive coaching is all about advancing the proficiency of high potential individuals and it is never too early to start. The rewards can range from an increase in personal satisfaction, title, pay and overall development.

For the Employer

Are you responsible for employee retention and development but struggle to grow and retain employees? On the business side, it’s important to remember that key employees that feel valued (in the form of investing in their development amongst other competing variables) will be easier to retain. Additionally, strong leadership breeds future leaders which can reduce the cost and time invested in talent acquisition and training. The average cost for a company to fill an open position is over $4,000 and it can take an average of 42 days to fill the vacancy. In many cases it is much easier and cost effective to help an employee succeed in reaching necessary corporate goals through this intensive one-on-one development. Leadership coaching, like any company supported employee development, demonstrates a corporate commitment of investing in their future. Executive coaching can empower individuals to have the ability to not only mentor others, but to drive initiatives, improve internal communications and positively impact the culture. This results in increased professional fulfillment, longevity and stability.

executive coaching andy thomas careers now

A close and confidential relationship with our executive coaches Andy Thomas and Tara Crosby will provide the tools and training necessary to maximize personal impact and performance.

What does a session with one of our highly trained Executive Coaches entail?

  • Constant strategy and guidance to achieve your goals
  • An unbiased sounding board (it can be lonely at the top)
  • Leadership Coaching and Personal Development
  • Self Awareness
  • Critique and advice on presentations
  • Weekly/ BI weekly Check-ins
  • Interview Prep as New Opportunities develop
  • How you’re perceived by others
  • Pinpointing blind spots
  • Identifying current obstacles and options
  • The next steps and objectives to set you up for a long term career trajectory
  • How to manage stress, change, conflict or crisis within the workplace
  • Prioritization and planning 
  • Proper communication
  • Time Management
  • How to handle internal networking and politics (managing up, down and across)
  • How to convey confidence and command respect as a leader to make an impact

Get a free consultation with expert executive career coaches.

Our executive coaches Andy Thomas and Tara Crosby work to develop their coaching around each unique individual. The benefits of their program can be appreciated by individuals and companies alike. We’ve seen frequent and extensive advancement within corporations occur due to this type of coaching through these initiatives. Providing tailored development to benefit and retain key individuals critical to the business can have a long-lasting impact on both the individual and the organization. This is the ultimate win-win!