Interview Preparation

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Interview Preparation

Our team knows how tough it can be to answer interview questions, but we also know the difficulties associated with asking the right questions. Andy’s prep process will instruct you on how to handle the salary questions and assist in helping you identify where you stand amongst the competition before you leave the room.

Some specific benefits of job interview prep consist of:

  • Figuring out what you’re doing right vs what you can improve upon in an interview
  • How to sell yourself in a job interview
  • Communicate what makes you better, different, unique and a standout compared to other candidates
  • Train you how to answer every major type of interview question including behavioral and salary questions
  • Teach questions to ask in the job interview process to assist in helping you standout

Interview Preparation

Have you found yourself filled with anxiety when approaching an upcoming job interview? Andy Thomas’ interview preparation services will prepare you for a variety of interview styles, which ultimately will help alleviate that anxiety. While our career coaches listen to what you’re saying, they are analyzing how you convey your messaging. Our team looks for what can make you better, different, unique and a standout compared to other candidates. Andy’s techniques help you avoid the red flags that might occur. Our team covers every major type of question that you may be asked including behavioral questions.

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