Stand Out with a Professional Resume

A resume is more than a list of the jobs you’ve held and the duties you’ve performed. It should highlight the skills, experience, and achievements that position you perfectly for the job you are applying for.

Your resume is likely your first impression with the hiring manager, and on average that impression is made in under 10 seconds. Your resume needs to stand out and entice hiring managers into scheduling that first phone call. 

Here are four reasons a professionally written resume is worth the cost:

1. Longevity

Your resume should stand on a firm foundation that only needs occasional, minor updates. It should serve you for the rest of your career

1. Bragging Rights 

While humility is generally a good trait, it’s not so effective when it comes to developing a professional resume that earns interviews. A professional’s resume is their opportunity to brag about their experience, accomplishments, education, certifications, etc. and a professional resume writer can ensure that even the most humble applicant is seen in their best light

excited client receives professional resume
clients review professional resume with career coach

3. Time 

It takes time to plan, write, and edit a resume. A professionally written resume from Andy Thomas Careers Now saves you time. That’s valuable time to spend networking, applying, preparing for interviews, and meeting with your career coach. 

4. Expertise

Be sure to work with a professional resume writer that has a proven track record of success with professional writing and strategy for resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles. 

Our company has successfully written thousands of resumes for professionals in a variety of industries – contact the team at Andy Thomas Careers Now for expert resume writing and LinkedIn profile optimization so you can land that next interview!

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