Life Coaching and Career Coaching Services

Life Coaching and Career Coaching: Most people seek career coaching and life coaching at the same time. Andy Thomas Careers Now has a passion for not only helping you with career advancement, but specifically helping you target the other areas in your life that could utilize improvements.

Life Coaches are wellness professionals who help people make progress in their lives in order to attain greater fulfillment. A session with a life coach is designed to help identify goals and obstacles all while coming up with strategies for overcoming each obstacle.  

Career coaches tend to be experts in skills such as career planning, resume building, negotiation and interviewing. Even though you might only seek a new opportunity or switch careers a few times in your life, our career coaches are up to date with current hiring practices because we’re constantly working to help our clients land their dream job.

Benefits of a Life Coach and Career Coach  

  • Improved self-confidence
  • A different perspective 
  • Find self-worth and happiness
  • Discover clarity and purpose 
  • Discovering your personal brand and professional persona
  • Providing LinkedIn, resume, website and portfolio assessments
  • Reviewing and planning your social media strategy
  • Integrating volunteer, board and supplemental opportunities
  • Recommending opportunities for brand building

Why hire a career coach and life coach?

At Andy Thomas Careers Now, we know that it takes more than just a great resume to accomplish the career goals you want to accomplish. It also takes self-discovery and self-reflection to truly accomplish both success and happiness.