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Andy Thomas has a proven track record of success with guiding C Level Executives at Fortune 500 and 100 companies towards accomplishing their career and life goals. Aside from speaking at engaging seminars, Andy Thomas is a  dedicated career coach who provides ongoing development coaching to clients of all industries and professions.

Andy Thomas is a frequently requested key note and motivational speaker at major corporations such as Ingersoll Rand, Orkin, Virginia Tech, and Grant Thornton. Andy Thomas has handled major conferences for government and health agencies such as the National Health Outreach Conference. He and his team specialize in:

  • Providing insight to crowds as large as 1200+
  • Marketing workshops and college seminars
  • “Dealing with Corporate Change” which is Andy’s most requested subject
  • “The Journey of You” which focuses on striving for personal and professional fulfillment
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Inspire everyone to take a deeper look at their career passion and drive.


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Why are seminars imperative to have? Because employee engagement and fulfillment are critical components to corporate and life success. What makes the difference in company growth, is dedicating the time towards helping your employees achieve their goals. Andy Thomas and Kelly Hoffman inspire everyone to take a deeper look at their career passion and drive. The seminars are designed to address the items that often trouble employers and employees along with providing insight into issues that keep companies stagnant.