Kelly Hoffman

Career Coaching Expert

With a lifelong passion for empowering others, Kelly Hoffman has excelled in career coaching from the early stages of her professional journey. Initially, Kelly made her mark in investment banking, where she provided strategic coaching to financial advisors on optimal strategies and products for client success. After gaining valuable experience in finance, Kelly sought a work-life balance and a new challenge, leading her to clinical research. Here, she played a pivotal role in facilitating collaborations between small international firms and major U.S. pharmaceutical companies. As the economy recovered from the Great Recession, Kelly’s expertise was sought by a recruitment firm to spearhead their Pharma/Biotech division. Over the last 15 years, Kelly has solidified her reputation in executive search. She excels in various coaching capacities, from enhancing interview skills of candidates and managers to refining the sourcing and messaging techniques of recruitment teams. Her insights into Employer Branding have been instrumental for numerous small to mid-sized companies. Residing in the Charlotte Metro area with her husband, two children, and their beloved rescue dog, Kelly balances her professional life with family commitments. Whether she’s supporting her children at sporting events or exploring new destinations with her family, Kelly brings the same dedication to her personal life as she does to her coaching career.

As a results-driven coach, Kelly has successfully guided thousands of job seekers, from recent high school and college grads to C-Level executives and Senior Managers from Fortune 100 companies. Kelly is known for her pragmatic and speedy approach to the job search, as well as her creative ability to initiate meaningful connections for her clients.

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Andy Thomas inspires everyone to take a deeper look at their career passion and drive. The seminars are designed to address the items that often trouble employers and employees along with providing insight into issues that keep companies stagnant.

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Career Coaching

What’s stopping you from taking that leap of faith? Andy Thomas’ career coaching and career change consulting sessions help you understand your true career passions, ideal career path, and how to overcome obstacles that may be preventing you from landing that dream job. Career coaching sessions will provide you with a proven blueprint concerning how you can obtain the career that was meant for you.

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