Sue Bailey

Career Coach

Sue Bailey is an accomplished career coach poised to effectively assist people with achieving their vocational goals, including choosing or changing careers, entering the workforce, and identifying employment opportunities. Her diverse experience includes being a former school counselor and high-level academic administrator responsible for both coaching and hiring entire staffs in the hundreds. This enables her to assess the specific needs and goals of her current clients.  Sue has facilitated in-depth interviews, delivered large scale presentations, and provided motivational and/or situational leadership to many professionals throughout her career. In her 25 years in education, Sue demonstrated that she was a motivated, resourceful problem-solver with strong relationship-building, collaboration, and communication skills.  She is passionate about utilizing those attributes at Andy Thomas Careers Now.  Sue has been uniquely and personally trained by Andy Thomas himself and is excited to help her clients find the success and career fulfillment they so deserve. 

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Andy Thomas inspires everyone to take a deeper look at their career passion and drive. The seminars are designed to address the items that often trouble employers and employees along with providing insight into issues that keep companies stagnant.

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Career Coaching

What’s stopping you from taking that leap of faith? Andy Thomas’ career coaching and career change consulting sessions help you understand your true career passions, ideal career path, and how to overcome obstacles that may be preventing you from landing that dream job. Career coaching sessions will provide you with a proven blueprint concerning how you can obtain the career that was meant for you.

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