As a corporate leader, has your company been faced with a high number of layoffs? You are not alone. Andy Thomas’ outplacement services will help prepare you for the toughest part of your job – layoffs. Our team understands that outplacement services need to provide an effective and smooth transition for your former employees. We are equipped to customize outplacement service solutions that cater to your company and your employee’s needs.

Our proven outplacement services are human-focused and designed to reduce corporate expenses. Andy Thomas Careers Now has a four-step process which consists of discovery, branding, methodology & search and interview preparation. Our main focus is helping your former employees reenter the workforce with passion and a renewed drive. We help target specific jobs by understanding your former employees’ skills and goals, analyzing critical career data, and providing them with actionable insights.

Our services for outplacement assistance consist of:

  • Resume writing
  • Cover letter assistance
  • LinkedIn overhaul
  • Two 1-hour coaching sessions with our top Career Coaches Andy Thomas or Tara Crosby


Corporate benefits of utilizing Andy Thomas Careers Now for Outplacement Services:

  • Employees become encouraged during the layoff process and have a better and more positive overall experience with your company.
  • Companies have found that they see little to no negative reaction on social media
  • Andy Thomas Careers Now is dedicated to helping employees find employment faster


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