Are you ready for the job interview?

The day is fast approaching. The interview has been scheduled for your dream job, this is it – your chance to shine – to stand out above any other candidate and leave the employer with no other choice but to hire you! Are you ready?

Even if you think you are, it’s likely that you’re nervous and could be more prepared than you ever thought possible. By conducting mock interviews and working with a career coach to prep for the interview, a job seeker will be more relaxed, and confident, and respond in a way that will make the interviewer see them in the open role.

two clients on computer preparing for interview

Become an Interview Expert

Interview preparation experts collaborate with candidates so they can understand the strengths and weaknesses of their professional background, and navigate tough questions in the interview.

Interview preparation helps even the most humble job seeker practice the art of “selling yourself”. While this is always a challenge, it is necessary to demonstrate to the hiring manager that you’re the perfect person for the job. What makes you better, different, unique, and a standout compared with other candidates? Practice “selling yourself” in interview situations and there will be no doubt.

It wouldn’t be a job interview without questions. Your interview prep expert will train you how to answer every type of interview question, including behavioral and salary questions. For example, the inevitable, “What questions do you have for me?”


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Our clients come to us at an emotional and often trying time in their lives. We work patiently and closely with our clients to deal with your individual concerns to achieve a successful career path. We outline the client’s goals and recommend a plan designed to achieve those goals with confidence.

We are here to help you stand out above other candidates and confidently let your future employer know you are the perfect fit for the job. Andy Thomas Careers Now is the company that will prepare you for your job interview.

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