Thinking of making a career change in the new year? You aren’t alone. According to CNBC, 55% of Americans are looking for career change within the next year. Surely, if you’re on the job search you have seen a lot of talk surrounding the #greatresignation. While some might refer to it as the #greatreshuffle or the #greatreprioritization, one thing is for sure, change is in the air.

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Why Are So Many People Changing Careers in 2022?

What’s the driving force? Why the sudden shift in mindset? During the global pandemic, many Americans’ experienced hardship and uncertainty. Some were furloughed and some were laid off from their employers. Those that were able to sustain employment experienced a tremendous amount of guilt deriving from Survivor’s Syndrome. Many of those professionals also took the opportunity to reflect on what really mattered most. The entire world pressed pause and as we took a step back to look at the mirror of our life, we didn’t like what we saw in the reflection. Busy schedules, a toxic work environment, a long commute, unbearable stress, and a never-ending rat race resembling some variation of the famous 2002 film “Catch Me if You Can” (with Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks).

For some, that reality was the simple lack of time with family (especially for those with younger children). For others, they finally came to terms with the harsh reality that they were lacking satisfaction and fulfillment within their career. Lacking job satisfaction and fulfillment can stem from a number of issues. These issues differ from one professional to another and in some cases, there might be multiple issues at the forefront of their dissatisfaction. Nevertheless, some examples include but are not limited to poor leadership, burnout from long hours, lack of competitive compensation, lack of autonomy (micromanagement), internal politics, no room for career advancement or development (upward mobility), high turnover, long commute, feeling undervalued and the inability to impact change.

What To Do if You Are Looking To Make a Career Change

Do any of these examples resonate with you? If so, now is the time to find direction and purpose. Don’t spend another year being miserable and putting a band-aid on a big problem! Now is the time to take that leap of faith, now is the time to make a change! Stop letting fear of failure or golden handcuffs hold you back from tapping into your potential and experiencing all that your professional life has to offer in the way of satisfaction. 2021 certainly saw a shift in the marketplace during the latter half of the year that has proven to remain favorable for job seekers. As we head into 2022, this should continue to be a candidate-driven market for the foreseeable duration of the 1 st quarter. Don’t miss out on the possibilities! As a national career coaching firm that has worked with over 2,000 clients in the last seven years, Andy Thomas Careers Now stands ready to assist you with creating an exciting career pivot in 2022. Not only can we help with Career Coaching, we also offer resume writing services as well as interview preparation.

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