You’re not alone, if you have lost your job due to the 2020 Corona Virus Pandemic. How are you navigating through this trying time in both your career and your life? What we’ve seen so far, is job seekers rushing to revamp their LinkedIn profile, trying to get themselves noticed. But what most LinkedIn members don’t know, is that LinkedIn much like Google is an ever-changing platform.

What does that mean? An ever-changing platform? It means that your profile is compiled of hundreds of different keyword variations that hiring managers are imputing into their search bar to find candidates like yourselves. You’re probably curious as to how are you able to figure out which keywords they are searching for. It takes working with a professional who is ahead of the curve to assist you with that.

Our team offers LinkedIn profile revamps to ensure that your profile is being found by recruiters and hiring managers for the same exact jobs that you are applying for. What happens once they message you? How many others have they connected with? How do I make myself stand apart? These are all valid questions that you can ask yourself. But the solution is simple, you need to submit a strong resume and cover letter ? one that curates all of the best parts of you and gets the attention that you are looking for.

The next step would be to prep yourself for the interview, should you get that call. Our team has seen hiring results in as little as 30 days with our Career Coaches proven methodology. Don’t go into an interview hoping you get the job, go into that interview with the confidence of knowing that you are going to land that dream job. You do not have to let this pandemic and losing your job beat you down, there are alternative options to taking this situation and turning it into the best time of your life. The time of your life, when you had a wake-up call and you took control of your future.


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